Mobile house:

Summer House


22,32 m²
1 Summer House

PRICE OF THE HOUSE: 18 500,00 EUR net


Performance parameters
dimensions: 3 x 7,2 m

Compact house price
Summer House includes:

We present you a wooden mobile home, the so-called Dutch, with a frame structure, which will be perfect for small plots or on land rented for recreational use.

The Summer House is equipped with a living room with a kitchenette and a mezzanine, a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. Its area is 22.32 m2 .. It is designed for a family of 4. For an additional fee, it is possible to add an open terrace.

It is insulated with mineral wool – 15 cm in the roof, 20 cm in the floor and 10 cm in the wall. It can be equipped with insulation of water pipes in the floor. This system protects the hydraulic system against freezing. The roof of the house is gable and covered with metal tiles.

As in the case of other models, the product is dedicated not only to customers who need rest for themselves and their families, but also to those who want to use the Summer House in a holiday resort.

We are able to deliver the ordered number of houses to a previously designated and prepared place within one day. An empty plot yesterday – today a complex of houses for rent ready for opening.


Living room:

  • Floor – vinyl panel
  • Ladder to the mezzanine
  • Windows according to the drawing
  • Lighting


  • Floor – vinyl panel
  • Sliding door


  • Upholstered with an upholstery board


  • Vinyl panel
  • kitchen as an additional option


  • Shower
  • Toilet bowl
  • Battery
  • Wooden doors
  • Floor – vinyl panel


  • Hydraulic
  • Electric – points of light – halogens

Additional options (at a fee):

  • 30 l electric boiler
  • Electric boiler 50 liters
  • Fridge
  • Built-in refrigerator
  • Cooker hood
  • Two-burner heating plate
  • Induction hob
  • Kitchenette
  • 32 ″ TV
  • Ordinary electric heater
  • Energy-saving electric heater
  • Electric toilet heater
  • Heating of water pipes
  • Karadeco Vox facade – surcharge
  • A double bed with a 140 × 200 mattress
  • Wardrobe in the bedroom
  • 160 cm mattress for the mezzanine
  • Triangular lighting in the attic
  • Full roof boarding


Download all certificates concerning the quality,
safety and accordance of the used materials.


Download the Mobile House
data sheet – Summer House


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