Mobile Home - Offer


We offer mobile homes of our production. Fully equipped with furniture, kitchen appliances and bathroom are an excellent alternative to conventional buildings. Particularly well suited for the small parcels or on land leased under recreational use.
Equipment and transportation under separate agreement.

House of dimensions 3.7 m x 11m, with a living room, kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom and a double entrance.

Preparing the ground: walled 8 foundation blocks.


Mobile home C2-42
Mod. 41m2 (3,7m x 11m)
PRICE from: 22 350 EUR net


Mobile home Apartment
Mod. 29,40 m2 (3,5m x 8,4m)
PRICE from: 65 000 PLN net


Mobile home C2-24
Mod. 24m2 (3m x 8m)
PRICE from: 17 550 EUR net

See how our homes look like inside

About Us

Europa Campers is a part of Castor Group. Our company CASTOR exists since 1995. We offer wooden summer- and all season houses, dwelling houses, taverns and other wooden constructions. We manufacture parts for campers and various kinds of yachts and vessels since 2004, offering our clients a really wide array of products and services.


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